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Halogen Vs HID Vs LED Truck Lights

Truck light are currently mainly in three bulb, halogen, HID, LED. So what are the advantages of each of  truck lights?

Halogen Truck lights

First of all, let's talk about halogen headlights. Halogen headlights are also called tungsten-halogen headlights.They are widely used in the field of automotive lighting. Their brightness is relatively low, but they have the advantages of low cost and easy maintenance and replacement. Most trucks are equipped with It is halogen headlights, only a small number of high-end models will choose other light sources.

While Halogen lights can take in a great deal of power. They eat even more power than LED lights. If you're equipping your 4 × 4 with a variety of greater electrical power halogen lights (for instance, installing 4 100-watt halogen lights onto your 4 × 4) you require to take the required safety measures to guarantee you're not hurting your electric system.

HID truck lights

Truck Hid lamp is also called xenon lamp. It is a high-pressure gas discharge lamp and belongs to heavy metal lamp. Xenon gas is filled in a crystal quartz glass tube, and then the vehicle power supply is instantly increased by 23,000 volts through a supercharger. Optically speaking, the luminous flux is more than 2 times that of halogen lamps.

The xenon lamp has no tungsten wire, it relies on electricity and gas. By ionizing the xenon gas, a light source is generated between the two electrodes to discharge the gas. The light color generated by the xenon gas is a white super arc light, which is closer to the sunlight during the day, and the xenon gas The working current of the lamp is only 3.5A, and the brightness is very high, but the cost is relatively expensive.
HID lights take a bit of time to brighten after being powered on. It just takes a couple of secs for them to stir up, yet can trigger you a little problem if you remain in a rush

led truck lights

LED headlights, as the name suggests, are headlights with LED as the light source. In fact, before LEDs are used as headlights, they have been used for a long time in daytime running lights, brake lights, reading lights and even turn signals, and the effect is also very good. Now it has been verified that the LED light source has been applied to the headlight of the car, and it is the earliest used in the passenger car.
The biggest advantage of LED lights is fast response, so as a brake light, it can increase the safety distance of 4-6 meters. LEDs are stronger than other lights in terms of vibration resistance, power saving, and service life. In addition, LEDs have high brightness and are cool colors, so turning on the lights at night will not provoke flying insects. However, the cost of LED headlights is relatively high. Not much is used on trucks.

As an important technology, the history of car lights is almost synchronized with that of automobiles. Not only have there been various technological breakthroughs, but with the advancement of technology, the types of car lights are still increasing and become more intelligent. You can choose the type of headlight according to the road conditions you often run, and the one that suits you is the best.

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