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with refitting EFI motorcycle headlights will affect power

with refitting EFI motorcycle headlights will affect power?

Normally it is illegal for a motorcycle to change the brightness of the light at will, so you must be cautious before operating. As for whether changing the light of the EFI motorcycle will affect the power, It seems that this worry is completely superfluous, but is it really the case? ?
It appears that the so-called electronic fuel injection motorcycle is different from the traditional carburetor model, but the fuel supply system is different. There will be more related supporting parts. So from this point, this type of vehicle is equipped with or modified electrical appliances. It will not affect the dynamic performance.

It's just that after refitting high-power electrical equipment, it will affect the power supply system of EFI motorcycles. Among them, the most likely to be injured is the battery.
The power supply system of a motorcycle mainly includes a battery, a magneto, and a rectifier regulator. The magneto is the main power supply and the battery is the auxiliary power supply. Normally, the power of the motorcycle magneto and the capacity of the battery are verified. Can only meet the needs of current electrical equipment, if additional high-power electrical equipment is installed, this system will be overwhelmed

At this stage, the light sources of motorcycles are mainly divided into three types of halogen bulbs, LEDs, and xenon headlights. The first two types of light sources have relatively low power consumption, so they are basically the mainstream light sources of motorcycles.
Xenon headlights are a high-energy-consuming light source, and their energy consumption is very large. If the motorcycle is arbitrarily modified with this type of light source, the power supply system will be overwhelmed. If the performance of the power supply system decreases, it will affect the power of the vehicle to a certain extent. Performance.

This is because EFI motorcycles are relatively dependent on the power supply system. If the power supply is insufficient, the ignition system and fuel supply system will have performance degradation. Therefore, changing the headlights of EFI motorcycles will indirectly affect the power performance to a certain extent. Especially under the premise of reduced battery performance, this phenomenon will be very obvious

It can be seen from this that you must do your homework before changing the headlights of EFI motorcycles, and try to choose low-energy light sources as the object of the modification. If the EFI system is affected by the modification of the headlights, then it will be a bit of a loss.

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