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How to using the right motorcycle lights

How to using the right motorcycle lights?What is the function of strobe light?

Some people will ask if it is necessary to install a double strobe light on our motorcycle?and what is the function of strobe light?Today,we will talk about motorcycle lights and strobe light.

Motorcycle lights are mainly divided into warning lights and driving lights. The main function of the former is to remind others to pay attention to the current trajectory of the vehicle, while the latter is mainly to provide effective assistance for the normal driving of the vehicle.

The warning lights of motorcycles mainly include motorcycle side marker lights, brake lights, turn signals, motorcycle strobe light, and daytime running lights.

Motorcycle lighting mainly includes motorcycle headlights, mtorcycle rear light/Motorcycle tail light, and motorcycle license plate lights.

The scenarios and rules used under their different definitions will be different. For example, the turn signal can only be used when the vehicle is turning. It includes turning around, overtaking, turning, starting and stopping. Under normal circumstances, which side the front of the car is tilted, the turn signal will follow which side.

For example, the front and rear taillights are usually only turned on when driving at night.

When the headlights are turned on, the taillights will automatically light up, and the side indicator lights of some models will also start to work at the same time. The normal lighting standard here is that the high beam must be turned off and the low beam used when meeting cars, and the high beam cannot be used in areas with street lights, because we cannot affect the normal passage of others for our own riding requirements.

As for daytime running lights, license plate lights, and brake lights are usually automatic. For example, the main purpose of the daytime running lights is to remind the other person to come, it can automatically light up after the vehicle is started, but some models will automatically turn off when the headlights are turned on. The license plate lamp and the tail lamp belong to the same circuit, and it can be automatically lit when the headlight is turned on. This light is mainly to make the license plate clearer at night and let it play its due role.

Double flash/Strobe light is not standard on all motorcycles. Its official name is hazard warning flasher. Its main function is to remind the other vehicle to pay attention to the vehicle ahead. However, this light is different from our turn signal and brake lights. It can be used under certain circumstances, not what you want to use.

According to relevant regulations, the use of double flash mainly includes

1. The vehicle on the road fails

2. Visibility is too low on rainy and foggy days

3. Temporary on-street parking

4. Form a fleet permitted by relevant departments

In addition, we think that in case of complicated road conditions or a major traffic accident ahead, the double flash can also be turned on immediately to remind other vehicles to avoid emergency to avoid unnecessary traffic accidents. This operation must Flexible application.

In addition, the double flash can not be used casually, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. In short, the double flash is a light that can be turned on under a special state. Its main function is to remind the other vehicle to make a correct judgment.

From the point of view of its own function, it is still very meaningful to install double flash on motorcycle, because it will have a great warning effect under special circumstances, so qualified riders can install double flash, but add After installation, it cannot be abused. If the double flash is turned on without its use scene, it will have a negative effect

Although motorcycle lights are not unfamiliar to us, some friends will definitely have misunderstandings in their use. Therefore, the lights must be used in a standardized manner in the later riding. They must be turned on when they are turned on, and they must be turned off. It must be closed at the first time, only then can it play its due role, otherwise it is a decorative object.