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Why do the sport motorcycle headlights often only light up on one side

Why do the sport motorcycle headlights often only light up on one side

Presumably this is a question in many people's minds. Even those who play motorcycles don’t necessarily know it. Whenever we encounter a sports motorcycle and drive on the street, the motorcycle headlights are always on on one side, generally. sports motorcycle have dual-lamp designs, such as CBR600, CBR1000rr, Yamaha R1, ZX-10R, etc., so why are they reduced to "cyclops"?

In fact, the manufacturer deliberately did it for safety reasons. In the European and North American markets, motorcycles need to turn on the headlights during the day to increase the alertness to other vehicles and avoid accidents, especially in the United Kingdom. Because of the perennial foggy environment, and Thailand also recognizes the same safety benefits, many countries stipulate that motorcycle headlights must be turned on during the day, so many imported motorcycles turn on the power headlights automatically in China

Therefore, when you see the motorcycle coming in the opposite direction, the light is only on one side. This is not because the light is broken, but because the motorcycle is designed to bring safety to the driver. There are two headlights on a sports motorcycle, usually one is the low beam and the other is the high beam, and the low beam is a mandatory constant light mode, so you often see the "Cyclops"

In the past, even with two headlights, motorcyclists used only one light at night, and many motorcycles did not even have a switch to turn on both lights at the same time. But now basically many sports cars and motorcycles, when the high beam is turned on, the two headlights will light up at the same time.

For drivers when they want to change lanes or turn, they will look at the rearview mirror to observe the cars coming behind. Especially when it's dark, you can judge the distance of the motorcycle from the headlights that turn on.

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