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What is the use of motorcycle spotlights

What is the use of motorcycle spotlights

As a tool for commuting, motorcycles will inevitably drive at night in daily life. However, because the lights of many motorcycles are difficult to meet the actual lighting needs at night, many riders choose to install spotlights to meet the night lighting . At present, many motorcycle lights, whether they are halogen lights or LED lights, have a slightly narrow lighting effect at night, which has caused many riders to suffer a lot. The editor has also had traffic accidents due to insufficient lighting of the car. Therefore, Today, I would like to share with you the problem of installing spotlights on motorcycles. I hope it can help you all riders.

1. Spotlight type
Install spotlights for paving roads. This type of spotlights are generally lens and spotlights. The light that illuminates is more concentrated, and the paving effect is very good. For the lens, the laid light has obvious cutting lines, the purpose is to prevent the driver from shining on the opposite side, and avoid the effect of vertigo. It is equipped with a lens.

2.Install a spotlight for flashing. This type of spotlight does not have much paving effect on the actual road, because the light is not concentrated and scattered, similar to the car daytime running lights, mainly used at night Remind the driver of the opposing vehicle, which is a warning to the driver who uses the high beam indiscriminately.

3. Necessary reasons for installing spotlights
The direct reason for installing spotlights is basically the lack of lighting at night. If there are no spotlights, it is not enough to rely on the original spotlights to see the road conditions clearly. Many national highways and mountain roads often have potholes and depressions on the road surface. If you drive a motorcycle at night, you can easily cause vehicle and personal injury once you pass these depressions. I used to ride a motorcycle on county roads at night, because I looked down on the specific conditions of the road, and when I passed a big pit, I didn’t have time to adjust and ran into it directly. Not only was the wheel hub of the vehicle sunken and damaged, but people also fell on the ground and suffered serious injuries. For motorcycles that are inadequate, I very much agree with the installation of spotlights.

4. Supplementary explanation

Although the installation of spotlights is good for driving, the transformation process is not comprehensive, and it is easy to bring safety hazards. It is recommended that you install spotlights and you must go to a professionally qualified motorcycle shop to refit After all, the spotlight requires a lot of power. If the retrofit is not good, it is easy to burn the car due to the overload of the line, and the battery is also easy to hang up. The spotlight is best equipped with its own disconnect protection, which will be automatically disconnected after the flame is turned off. This way, there will be no way to start the battery due to forgetting to turn off the light or being operated by a passerby.

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