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How to choose the right motorcycle headlight?

Motorcycle headlights must be familiar to everyone. As one of the important parts of motorcycles.after years of technological development, the technology of motorcycle headlights is constantly updated. At present, the three main types of headlights in the motorcycle market are motorcycle halogen Headlights, motorcycle hid xenon headlights and motorcycle LED headlights, today will teach you how to choose motorcycle headlights.

From the current market point of view, halogen headlamps are more widely used. Under normal circumstances, the life of halogen lamps lasts at most about 1000 hours. At the same time, it has the advantages of simple process and low cost, so it is widely used. The main disadvantage of the lamp is that the luminous rate is not high, the bright bottom is very low, and the heat dissipation is large.

But compared to xenon lamps, hid xenon motorcycle headlights are more advanced motorcycle headlights. Although the cost is higher than halogen lamps, they have become halogen headlights due to their higher brightness, longer irradiation time, better stability, and more energy-saving advantages. Mainstream headlights outside.

The motorcycle led lights produced by LED car light manufacturers are another important product of the continuous technological progress in the motorcycle industry. It consumes less power than halogen headlights and has a longer life span, and has good stability and response. fast. At the same time, smaller LED lights can have more designs and shapes, becoming the choice of many high-end models and retail markets.

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