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Top 10 motorcycle brands

Top 10 motorcycle brands

Are you wondering what motorcycle brands are top 10 in the world.Today Hawks Lights as a motorcycle lights factory will share with you.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles is a brand produced by the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company of the United States. It was founded in 1903 and was established in Milwaukee by William, Harley and Davidson. For hundreds of years, Harley-Davidson has been synonymous with freedom, original power and good times.

The Yamaha brand was founded in Maebashi, Japan in 1887. At the same time, Yamaha is also a comprehensive international group dealing in music products, network products, sporting goods, kitchen and bathroom products, engines, placement machines and various other products.

BMW motorcycles have become synonymous with innovation since 1923. The classic two-cylinder opposed engine mechanism is still in use today. The line design, arrangement and emission technology set industry standards. In 2006, the first BMW motorcycle flagship store was established in Beijing, China, and has since entered China. BMW Motocross models: off-road vehicles, street vehicles, station wagons, sports vehicles, police vehicles

Ducati was founded in 1926 by the founder Antonio Cavalieri Ducati. It is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Its products are famous for their excellent performance, an Italian special design

5.Aprilia motorcycle
Aprilia  is a world-renowned Italian motorcycle brand. It was founded in Venice, Italy in 1926. It started as a bicycle and officially started producing motorcycles in 1957. In 2000, two famous Italian motorcycles, Laverda and Moto Guzzi, joined Aprilia. ,In 2014 Aprilia merged into Piaggio, Europe's largest motorcycle group

6.Kawasaki Motorcycle
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a Japanese heavy industry company. Kawasaki Heavy Industries was founded in the Meiji Restoration era, and its main business is heavy industry. It has historical origins in JFE Steel and Kawasaki Steamship. It mainly manufactures aerospace, railway vehicles, construction of heavy machinery, electric bicycles, and ships. The company’s name is named after the founder, Masazo Kawasaki

Honda refers to Honda Co., Ltd., which is the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, and its automobile production and scale are also among the top ten automobile manufacturers in the world. It was founded in October 1946, and the company was established in September 1948. The founder is the creative character Sōichiro Honda. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, with a total of about 180,000 employees. Now, Honda is a multinational automobile and motorcycle production and sales group. In addition to motorcycles and automobiles, its products also include engines, agricultural machinery and other power machinery products


Suzuki was established in 1920 as a Japanese automobile manufacturer. The "S "in the "SUZUKI "LOGO is the first capital letter of SUZUKI. It gives people a feeling of infinite power, symbolizing the endless development of Suzuki Motor Company, and providing high-quality services to customers who use Suzuki products. In 1952, the production of motorcycles began.

KTM is an Australian motorcycle manufacturer. It was established in 1934. Its strength is off-road motorcycles. It has excellent performance and has won awards in many off-road events.

The Italian brand PIAGGIO Group is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe and the world’s first manufacturer of pedal VESPA. PIAGGIO has ten factories all over the world and more than 60,000 employees.

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